Based in New Delhi, India, DesignConcept is composed of a group of professionals that love design and quality lifestyle.

Our Story

Based in New Delhi, India, DesignConcept is composed of a group of professionals that love design and quality lifestyle. We specialise in interior design, architecture and product design. Our ambition is to create designs that not only looks good but is functional too.

DesignConcept is an ultra-dynamic designer team that will perfectly understand your needs in order to build functional spaces made for you and adapted to your expectations. Our capacity to work by thinking allows us to answer to the requests of a diversified clientele. With its young, passionate and dynamic team, Design Concept thrives on an innovative and contemporary design. Thanks to the designer's creativity and perspicacity, we develop a taste for quality, elegance, functionality and aestheticism.

Without innovation, a brand can easily sink into oblivion. Getting rid of normative ideas, being visionary but always in a cartesian way is fundamental to our being. Transgressing the standards without being aggressive - is the concept behind DesignConcept.

Our Skills

At DesignConcept, when we conceptualise a design, we think of an answer that embodies style, comfort and a certain degree of edginess. We begin with a methodology of focusing each project on the understanding that it affects and is affected by a larger urban environment. We do this because we believe that our clients like their space to have a distinction, which is an extension of their own personal lifestyle and individuality.

Interior design

DesignConcept works on projects of various scales (offices, showrooms, boutiques, hotels and restaurants), with an accurate and creative approach based on the context and flow optimisation. Understanding, imagining and showcasing the design desired by our clients is the number one priority for the creative team.

Product design

DesignConcept imagines and creates various products following a simple and creative approach. From the client's needs and specifications, we develop innovative products responding to their economic, functional and aesthetic concerns. By placing the client in the middle of the design, the products we develop are full of identity and emotions. DesignConcept also produces its own collection of high-end furniture (unique pieces and small series) by mixing comfort, elegance and modernity.

Design to Delivery

DesignConcept offers turnkey projects: from design to delivery, including design development, production drawings and execution. We maintain a close working relationship with the different stakeholders, overlooking the entire process, assuring a stress-free experience for our clients.

Our Vision

By following a global approach, we integrate the brand and its client, the product, the communication and the retail outlet. DesignConcept observes, analyses and creates this essential balance between your brand, the message, and the messengers; you become more accessible, more visible and simply more desirable.

Less rules, more game. Without innovation, a brand can easily sink into oblivion. Getting rid of given ideas, being visionary but always in a Cartesian way is fundamental. Transgressing the standards without being aggressive, that is the leitmotiv of Design Concept.

Meet our

We are a close-knit team of industrial and digital designers, engineers, artists, experience experts, researchers, and branding specialists from around the world. We create products that will help define the way we live, work, travel and communicate in the future, from smart wearables and furniture systems, to the next generation of AI and communication tools.

Our Team

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Aniruddh Ghosh


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